Blogging Betty Boomer

Blogging Betty Boomer at the Computer

Blogging Betty Boomer at the Computer

Blogging Betty Boomer is the name I call myself to represent the blogging world I am now part. I am outspoken, sassy at times as well as treating drama with humor. I coach other boomer bloggers. Blogging Betty Boomer keeps me focused on the power and privilage of blogging.

I am a true, bonified, certified, AARP card carrying baby boomer. I am passionate about connecting people to their purpose, passion and potential. Hence, I am always finding ways to do that. Blogging, social networking,  my presentations and coaching help me to accomplish this mission.

So via Blogging Betty Boomer I am  on the platform speaking but on a blogging platform instead of a stage.  Blogging Betty Boomer is every baby boomer I know who already blogs. Truly, she  believes thatif  she can do it so can you!


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    Way to go Betty Blogger. Boomers have many topics to discuss with one another and blogging can be the perfect forum to facilitate this process. Retirement planning is never easy and having different resources available, such as blogging is a great way to communicate different ideas to help make it easier.

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