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Enjoy learning about this exceptional baby boomer! You will be inspired.

What is your expertise history?

I left New Zealand (my home country) in 1976, setting out for the USA where I would go through several months of orientation before moving on to the mission field in Latin America. I had absolutely no doubt that Latin America was to be my destination.

My mentor at the time, a lady in her late 60s, had a great influence on me in my 20s. She gave me a letter before I left. She wrote saying that even though I had closed the doors on the office (I worked in the office of the Education Board in NZ), I would take my pen with me. At the time I did not fully understand. I had hoped to leave office work behind forever since this was not at all my favorite occupation, so was not so sure about that comment. However I still have that letter stored away today.

Later in Mexico I started to write booklets for children (in Spanish) with cartooned illustrations, newsletters for parents and a magazine for children’s workers (Sunday teachers, Vacation Bible School Teachers etc) as well as many hand outs and overhead projector notes for seminars. Then I began to understand what she meant. I certainly had taken both my pen and pencil with me to the mission field.
(The story of the beginnings of the series of booklets for children is in the process of being told here)

The children’s booklets opened many doors for me to speak in conferences aimed at training children’s workers and also conferences for parents. Later I also did my own seminars together with my team, and sometimes joined forces with the minister’s alliance of Cuernavaca, Mexico where I was living.
I was invited to share in many areas around Cuernavaca, Mexico City, the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca and Michoacan.

Name a barrier you recently faced and how did you or are you overcoming it?

Actually there were 2 big barriers that have tried to change the course of my life.
The first was in the financial area. When I was first sent out from NZ, the New Zealand dollar was worth $US1.20, so it was easier for the church to support me. It was only a year or so later that our dollar fell to $0.40 against the $US plus the two pastors of the church that was supporting me died (within 1 year of each other). The financial struggles started after that.

I started to check out the internet for opportunities to support myself. Apart from writing, I have also been fascinated with technical things, and so learning to build websites using html, php and mysql attracted my interest. I found a lot of tutorials on the internet that helped me to learn the basics of these codes.

This led to doing some free lance work for the next year or so. I plan on continuing to do some free lancing but now working mostly with Word Press blog installations and related things. A website for this will be launched soon
The other barrier happened more recently. Now just over three years ago, I was driving back to the USA border when suddenly I found the car steering towards the side of the road. (Big mistake, I was driving while very tired).

I am totally convinced the car had a faulty steering as when I tried to correct the situation it went way out of control, swerved from side to side across the road and rolled twice. This left me with a light concussion. I found out the hard way that tourist full coverage insurance is not really full coverage, so I was left with no car and a big bill with the finance company even after a settlement was finally obtained from the insurance company.

,p>I am climbing my way over both of these “barriers” by working with InRoom Dining at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio, and building my blogs as well as working on producing some of my own products to sell online. The “day job” is keeping bills paid while I build the online business. It is also giving me many new experiences which of course is helping my writing.

Both the physical exercise of the day activities and the mental and creative exercise of my night activities (writing) are continuing to help my mind and brain heal from the results of the accident.

What inspires you to do what you do now?

I think the biggest thing that inspires me is the knowledge that my mission is not complete yet. There is much still to be done, and I plan on doing it.

I also aim at leaving a heritage for young missionaries and nationals in Latin America (once my work is finally complete on this earth, perhaps in 30-40 years time). So a lot of what I am doing now is aimed at this major goal which has shorter term goals along the way.

Once I have fully learned to build a business online by simply sharing the things I am passionate about, I plan on teaching these young folk to do the same. This way they will be able to support themselves as well as building financial stability for their latter years without being distracted from their main visions.

How do you share your expertise today in terms of products, services, and gifts?


One of my blogs Mind Set For Living is inspired by my journey out of the effects of the concussion as well as by the biblical studies I had begun a few years prior, concerning the affects of our thoughts and imaginations on our lives.
My other main blog, Successful Relationships shares many of the principles I taught across the years in Mexico.

I also plan on starting a blog in Spanish which will cover both of the above topics. These keep me inspired as I work towards being able to physically return to Mexico, as well as travel in other parts of Latin America to continue sharing many of principles on mindset and relationships which God has revealed to me across the years.

Because I wrote so many papers, booklets and conference notes in Spanish, I did spend a lot of time learning the grammar and the written language. I enjoy continuing to study this along with editing in Spanish. I also have a lot of interest in copywriting in both languages (English and Spanish)

What are some of your goals for 2009?

This year I am aiming at producing at least 2 products which will be sold on the internet.
Produce some more cartoons and publish them on the internet. One of my life goals is to produce an actual cartoon strip. (Some of my cartoons are  Words Can Make or Break Your Childs’ Life and Interpretation Of The Parable Of The Sower

Two trips are planned, one to New Zealand and the other to Mexico to visit my friends (who are like family) – perhaps a third (finally) to Colombia where there is someone who has been waiting patiently for many years for me to come and visit.

To conclude, during one of my trips back to New Zealand I visited the Bible College I had attended. There I met up with one of my peers who told me that rumors were running around between the students that I was the only one who knew what they were going to do and went out and did it.

So here’s my challenge: Discover your life’s purpose and then go out and do it

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