Yana Berlin-A Baby Boomer Bustin Loose

By ideacoach  

zana berlin

Yana Berlin is the founder and CEO of fabulously40. devoted to the celebration of all things “woman,” especially the challenges and joys women face juggling their careers, children, relationships and life’s other issues. Fabulously 40 is a social network for women that catalyzes its members to celebrate and embrace their life.

Since launching .fabulously40, Berlin has been connecting and supporting women all over the world. Her unique background as a successful business woman in the field of mortgage finance and creative arts, coupled with being the mother of four rambunctious teenagers, provides for her distinctive insight into the daily joy, challenges, and circumstances women face today. Berlin has published many articles on Fabulously40.com addressing these issues and offering solutions, strategies, and tips on how women can interact with one another to solve any obstacles they face in today’s hectic world.
Yana resides in San Diego, California with her husband and children.

Enjoy this interview by a very talented and gifted baby boomer